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"Creativity takes courage."
– Henri Matisse


About Me

My travels have taken me to breathtaking locations. I capture these moments through photographs that tell the story of each place, focusing on the details that often go unnoticed.


My photography seeks to freeze these fleeting moments in time, allowing viewers to experience the beauty and diversity of our world. In addition to photography, I express my creativity through abstract painting with acrylics.


My art is a vibrant mix of colors and forms, reflecting my internal landscape and emotional responses to the places I visit. Each painting is a journey of its own, merging the abstract with the real, and inviting viewers to find their own interpretations and connections. This blend of detailed photography and abstract painting defines my artistic vision.


Through my art and experiences, I hope to inspire you and share the beauty I encounter.

Join me as I explore and reveal the wonders of our world.


2023-11-12 > 2024-01-08

Visitekaartjes / Galerie Paterswolde

More to come! 

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